July 8, 2020

Rain and Santosha

We were woken by very unusual noise early on Sunday morning. The welcome sound of rain on the roof.

We were woken by a very unusual noise early on Sunday morning.  The welcome sound of rain on the roof. It’s been such a long time since we heard it, that for a while I couldn’t recognize the sound. 

Although it was only 6am, I felt compelled to go out and stand in it and feel the delicious moisture on my skin.   The parched earth greedily soaked it up and within 30 minutes there was little evidence of it having rained at all.  

Having been born and lived in England for most of my life, never in a million years did I imagine that I’d welcome rain so readily.  But we’ve been weeks without it and while we love the long hot days, we are completely reliant on rain to fill our water tanks and nourish the garden.

When I lived in the UK I used to think “I’d be so much happier living in a warmer climate”. 

Now that I live in warmer, drier climate, I love it,  but I have to admit there are times that I wish it was cooler and wetter and that I could have long showers without worrying about the water level. 

So that’s my lesson in the Yogic Niyama (observance/practice) of Santosha.  Learning to be content with the conditions I’m living in, whether it’s hot & dry or cold & wet.

The sun has returned now. 

We are grateful for that brief respite.  More please?  Just not next week when we are exhibiting at the open air NZ Spirit festival!

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