Meditation & Yoga

A weekend of Meditation, Relaxation, Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness.

Join Claire Goad of She Rose retreats and experience a weekend of relaxation, a chance to recharge the batteries and reconnect with yourself while enjoying the company of likeminded women.

When a group of like-minded women come together, magic happens. You will experience this during the morning ritual of relaxation and meditation, where you can simply just BE and in that stillness reconnect with yourself.

These retreats include meditation, mindfulness, restorative Yoga, and delicious vegetarian food cooked for you.

You can stay in your own private room or share with a friend in one of the twin rooms.  You will have time to relax, read, sleep, go for bush walks, swim in the pool or luxuriate in the hot spa.

A weekend to escape the busyness of your everyday life, rest and restore and make new friends.

Whats included

What’s included

•     Meditation

•     RestorativeYoga

•     Mindfulness exercises

•     Food

•     Accommodation

Whats not included

My name is Claire  and I am a qualified Reiki Master and Holistic Coach. I am passionate about Alternative medicines and an holistic approach to life.

My interest in holistic health started at a very young age due to growing up with a mother who was an aromatherapist. I remember being administered many lotions and natural remedies when I was unwell and I must say they worked and this sparked my interest. Despite never really acknowledging it, my mother was a “healer”.

I studied a Diploma in Reflexology in the UK in 1996, which increased my interest further. After emigrating to NZ from London in 2000, I studied different modalities in massage therapy at Wellpark college in Auckland. It was through massage that I became aware of “energy”, which later led me to study Reiki and I qualified as a Reiki master in 2011.

I have been meditating for the past 17 years and was self taught after becoming ill in 2003. Through meditation I have been able to fully connect with myself, still my mind and fully listen to my intuition which has guided me along my journey. Since then, each step I have taken has prepared me for the next and taken me into a deeper understanding of myself, my gifts and my potential.

I named my business “She Rose” because I have overcome many challenges in my life. I truly believe that we all have the ability to rise above any challenge that we may face and grow from the experience. I now have an understanding of what those challenges have taught me. They are a real opportunity for growth. “Life doesn’t happen to you but for you”.

My passion is helping others on their journey. I believe we are all travelling through life, doing the best we can with what we have. Along the way we may need a little support and a safe place to fall. My hope and intention is to provide that for you.

Rooms from $600 per person

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Nov 5, 2021

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